maintenance ventilation R.A.T.P

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                     ! The sound not install veuillez - wait s 'il you plait!

                                 A sound déclanche    


Put Earphone your Big to listen l 'extracteur 


Good morning I m 'appelle Jordan j 'ai 18 years
I am interested in sound, videos, in sound mixing, my passion c 'est the fans of R.A.T.P or parkings, I make recording the week end to construct my plan, but c 'est very hard d 'avoir a good sound of the soufflement of l 'aération of R.A.T.P, if it n 'est no good sound, it is necessary to begin again every time and to find a hole where this does not blow, the fans of R.A.T.P are trés mighties also in the Parking, In the parking fans work automatically and in post d 'accueil, it is enough to ask to the agents d ' to accompany a person, sometimes it happens to re-counter agents BLOODY IDIOT, he does not know that dire: "! We n 'avez nothing to make here, c 'est that your plan ", as though c 'était have a squint for him, " you wait quelqu 'un! " has t 'il re-broken in vain,

Extractors can make vribrer the tunnel, When there is too much paper vibration diminishes, but her depend, When there is more paper glued together on l 'extracteur, he will be able to vibrate, extractors have speed sûrment their FINE or GV

FINE: l 'extracteur is in baby speed

GV: l 'extracteur is at high speed: II will be bruillant

Me I think that extractors make the same noise in the parking,


II also has extractors there motor to hide


Extractor in the ceiling


The extractor has no same correcpondence of the helix: in certain parking lot there are renovations when it begin to become a former(ancient) parking lot, Then the works can set several months or the anné: and especially it is necessary not played with the courses(prices) cércuit: the note with precaution is indisponsable, connaitre the life of the race which does not support(bear) the noise, And quite even Extractor are always in automatic when the CO2 Detects the smoke of fire which can sometimes he(it) arrive there: only engineer can reach, but we always say in everything nobody, trés importing to toujour to activate(sue) respect the negative and the possitif is not not géné the rotation of the helix, his(her,its) will risk to destroy(annul) the engine, The helix in undergone a dynamic balancing, never to modify the angle of pales, him(it) would risk to destabilize the helix, and the engine to explode, extractor are planned to extract to lair in 400°C hang the 2 hours. He(It) is been tested by make him(it) is certified by the laboratories of



The extractor not to protect









Small Extractor. The engine is silent, sometimes



The extractor of the Parking lot Private EDF


The extractor in two speed the power and the fort is the Vibration retation of helix is powerful. Silent engine approach it leave engine a little bruillant


The extractor of the plane, it is a new noise and a vibration



Place: in the Parking lot Park Vinci

Number of helix: 10

Inhalation(Pursuit): strong

II is trés power, but his(her,its) inhale(suck up) your hair



Extractor minature



An Extractor is gigantése



Extractor of the lawn mower




Ben I I put myself near the window and I film, without moving to have an impeccable same capture when the metro stops(arrests) 




 II is enough to find a precise place to register(record) the sound of the aeration, me I me squatted under the railing(bar), I register(record) in the good place, and every time my sound is not good, I begin again every time, but I change place if it is annoying.





It is Simple to click Right of the Mouse, and to click to Register(Record), the tape recorder appears or you wish to download "Audacity", In the menu Edition(Publishing) choose between both:Insérer a file or Mix with a file, an attention only files Wav choose a file wav then click to Open




Audacity it is the software better that the Tape recorder, there is more Impressive effect, t-elle than you see, He can import files MP3, Wav Il registers(records) even your own voice(vote) and it is funny,


The Effects:


Development(Increase) of the basses

Development(Increase) of the volume

Load(Charge) height

Load(Charge) the trempo


Console Nyquist



Eliminilation of the noise

Fitre FFT

Fontre in Closure(Lock)

Fontre at opening


Invert Sense(Direction)




Supression of the clicks


Flat cross In

Cross Fade Out 



Hard Limiter

Higt Pass Filter

Low Cross(Spend) Filter





.I sometimes cross the renovation of the subway, it is has you to say that I do not know, but, he(it) make railings(bars) new is that the former(ancient) they throw(cast) or break, the races of the R.A.T.P nétoient saltées with their brooms under railings(bars) on the ground, a voucher nétoyage with the "carvet" used by the plastic fountain(water jet), replace lights weak(weakness) and the ventilator, Then intrigue his(her,its) me


The ventilators which interessent me are only in the tunnels of the subway 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14, extractors are hidden in the tunnel, the maintenance of the R.A.T.P switches on the light when he(it) it in technical problems or vérifée every month



Parking lots, places:


Parking lot Saint-Denis Balisique: in this parking lot have can meet kind or nasty réponsable: it is enough to démander in the réponsable gentilment by explaining your report on photos recording to film, but to film it is trés to complicate simon to have the direction(management) so that he(it) authorizes you to make what be 

Parking lot In the Field: well I know not how the résponsable is going to react

Parking lot Aquaboulevard: forbidden to enter: it is Deconseiller


Parking lot THE LIGHT: forbidden to enter in by yours in race, It is to disadvise

Parking lot Mat: forbidden to enter partiens in race: it is to disadvise


Parking lot Montreuil: the montreuil Parking lot is interdie to the tourist that it takes photos is video: sound engeristrement are to authorize: this parking lot belongs to the city hall of the Direction(Management).


Parking lot E-LECLERC Centres comercial lerpantin: forbidden to enter: it is DCS


City parking lot Hotel


Privative parking lot: forbidden partiens in race: it is to disadvise




Ventilators are powerful, but it is the Agents who make them walk, ' they know you, (for example by explaining that you build a project), them shows you that ventilators have vistesses 2 there: less powerful, maximum power, but when that walks(works), a strong noise deafens me.

But I support(bear) the noise, extractors walk(work) only when there are traffic jams of car, And especially the weed - keed 
You connaisez The aquaboulevard park? There are extractions only at the level less 1 is the moin 2. The welcome(reception) of the Agents, at the moin level 3. You can cross(spend) a pleasant aquatic day, the swimming pool, the slides and the buoys, take advantage of fountains(water jets)...


Know you that in the aerations of the R.A.T.P, there is a title fixed in the door which indicates the street where people work, that is that the aeration is in a street which is called, For example: CODECK PRESBOURG, RENAUDES, WHITE, TURIN, MALESHERBES,



I I do not know the comment of superiority they hide engine, they are engineers, I see only only the helix, I am curious, the Comment is made tube round (subway), the comment are built engines, the comment are made helixes, the comment is made the wire netting pays(pours) her(it) to protect the extractor, the comment this fact you he(it) that the helix gets(touches) the superiority edges, the Comment make it you it that engine is small or big, that make the superiority move the extractor pay(pour) more safety(security), the lights of safety(security) are tourjours near extractors. In what material(subject) are made Helixes? In what metal? Power of the extractors depends limit of her(it), extractors are positioned, left, straight(left, right,awkward, straight,awkward, right), Face, why

I I know that railings(bars) allow to protect the extractor there is always a panel of DANGER, The Tourists have no right(law) to enter, That People of the R.A.T.P, Them are young, but years count they get damaged.




The Railing(Bar) of the extractor, Pte de Clignancourt, one day the subway it is stopped(arrested) in the Tunnel of the Terminus, the subway stops(arrests) near a mouth of air(sight) inhales(sucks up), I listened to the noise of the plane, it is less strong or strong, the breath is strong, derriere it is railing(bar), I see a light of safety(security) or because if there is more electricity, It is of important to Protect the extractor, only the Engineers can there accèder.


Railings(Bars) Shine, but the periods of the year go abimer later



When an extractor and more there étât, II changes the old extractors replace new, Instalation in the tunnel of the Subway, but his(her,its) dish of time(weather), It is a close-up embellishes with images him(it)



You can meet an extractor at the top of the tunnel only on the line 7, east Station between Fishmonger, this extractor is powerful.



VENTILATOR DRIPS OF GOLD, this extractor and young but its power of the vibration, and the inhalation(pursuit) of the extractor and different



Know you that we meet an extractor in the line 4.


The titles(securities) of extractor
Line 4
Extractor face winds (: in tunnel
Golden drop(gout) ( left(awkward) extractor): in tunnel
Other name, I do not know
At the top (This extractor in two speed)


You see the white engine, it is not always the same engine in the other tunnel of the subway, his(her,its) exchange of noise, 
The Rumours(Noises) infernal extractor of the R.A.T.P


The plane or the motorcycle

Vibration of a car

Vibration of a lawn mower

Vibration of a car which démare

Vibration of a bâteau 

Vibration of a helicopter 



                           The photos of the parking lot LEC-CLAIR shall not be put because of enbétements insuportable

He(It) stays

Parking lot mat: f A I T
Parking lot THE CLEAR Marionette - Street Shakes: FACT


Régle parking lot LEC-CLAIR has to change: lesser one of nobody
Adduces to take photos in the parking lot, a sivil agent goes you 

Pray of stops éffacer photos or recording and video it is one 

Simple avertisement but not the deuxieme, if ever they see again to(revise) you in him(it) 

Parking lot you paiyerais a price list(rate) of 300 EUR, It is a punision not 

Réspecter that consider not the word as them, the pison, It is trés serieux 

Low, do not return low, his(her,its) invaded a énome carries(wears) plaite of 

The agent, to Try to respect their régle of HIM(IT) CLEARLY


Privative parking lot

In this parking lot it is forbidden the tourist, only the races who abite peuveut to enter with their basge to open the door, who tells not straight ahead to enter the imeuble not the acenseur in the descent of the parking lot to deprive, A person will be that would meet you for the first time, he(it) will be évert against you by explaining this parking lot is forbidden in you rapellent the régles of parking lot Thus he(it)



The R.A.T.P in planned by contruire one work of ventilation(breakdown) enters telegraph pte lilacs so that voyayeurs not of problem, works in commancer it spetemble 2008, works at the end décemdre on 2009, a beautiful brira aeration in person.



nable.In the Line 1, an extractor in summer to kidnap of Franklin George's D.ROOSEVELT V, the races of constructed R.A.T.P of Roasts as you see him(it), a railing(bar) is missing. You visit a person measure the railing(bar), if the size(cutting) conve




That is what say to you, a sir looks at the railing(bar) if it brings in(returns)



The aeration of the R.A.T.P

So that voyayeurs breathe in the depthes of the tunnel of the subway, Instead of that, they build an aeration which allows to rénégérer the condissionnel air(sight), In tunnels he(she,it) inhale(suck up) and re-throw(re-cast) the air(sight) of ehord of the mouth of the aeration. This extractor of pte of Cligancourt, the air(sight) is not powerful, or the extractor with excesses of paper or newspaper stuck in the extractor it is maybe that. 




The air(sight) of a subway blows on newspaper paper in tunnels, jete towards extractors, it sinifit that newspaper paper and stu



The poigné of the R.A.T.P and the parking lot


The races which(who) works in the aeration of the R.A.T.P Pull(Fire) both poignés at the top and low 



It is there one to see better



The Neon is trés power, The neon ignites in The intérrieur and Exterrieur Grace an intérrucpteur we can put out(switch off) or light(switch on), but he(it) be in the aeration the descent except the street, there is a button to light(to switch on) neon



Put in correspondence of the post

The races of R.A.T.P repair neon, door or extractor when it is not any more in maid etât of walking(march), the lampoules of safety(security) a little of everything
On the poster it is ecrie at the Beginning of works: in 18/02/2009
At the end works: 2 weeks



Railings(Bars) are dirty, there is 7 bar(helm) fixed to sink in in every railing(bar)





This extractor makes a vibration of helicopter  

The driving extractor to hide: sometimes there is in the tunnel of the subway or the parking lot: but in the R.A.T.P, extractors are not identical: supports are hidden, but you can see the helix 



The detection of the CO

The detection is to re-bind(re-connect) by the extractors by car of incendit, but sometimes extractor walks(works) with the hour 



Extractors are to deliver with léviateurs, a machine which souleve objects kicks out




Worker uses a machine which drills the hole, finally of mêttre the electric cords to make attractive and that that does not make short circuit 



Well that I do not know it is what the stalk which is around the extractor




nstead of is the metal, the workers instale on the wall, is that a cacastrofique vibration




The extractor of the R.A.T.P gives evidence of the material encien 1 month



Connection of the functioning of the engine, the attention respect the connection without fault, so that the extractor inhales(sucks up)




The aeration of a work of ventilation(breakdown) is almost ended, they are put bars in metal sititue on the edge to hang on(collide,stick)




The aeration is ended they miss more bordelle



The extractor makes this size(cutting) here on the photo



The aeration is dehord of the parking lot, but for me I have never seen




The extractor is to protect by Railings(Bars), so that that it is not dead man





The Commands(Orders) of the extractor are to re-bind(re-connect) to a network CO or a textbook(a manual worker)





The intérrucpteur ONE OFF





The extractor as a pipe in boomerang





The indication of the street of the Parking lot suburb Saint Antoine





The extractor in summer to dégracher is former(ancient)





The extractor was to instaler on the ceiling, it nearly connects more than the sons(threads) éléctriques on the engine, and of the paint(painting





The commucateur of witness(baton): green red





Works of masonry


Races go create an aeration fesent a wall with their masonry




The Big creator of the world, it is the guy, I see who(which) puts the hand on the extractor which shows that it is him who in creates this extractor.






Railings(Bars) have was to stick in every place






The extractor is in coast(rib) of Big can of paint





Even notament the Races of the R.A.T.P change the Railings(Bars) which are noisi not proque. The R.A.T.P finances strengthen the work of the aussure ventilation(breakdown) the functioning of Acousstic of the power are not bruillant. IIs changes replace of piece of news(short story) Railings(Bars) of the Aeration





In Parking lot of it is places, The Workers go installed(settled) one limps with diversion for the function(office) of the extractor. PV or GV. notament extractor has Networks which(who) connects(binds) at Acceuil respect the races which not especially not the atmosphere, it is not to tolèrer in link of right(law) of the Direction(Management) and the Ministe. Extractor is always in Automatic only there is an incendit or a car which ejects some smoke; the direction(management) can make at top speed or young speed for a report on a sound. But the right(law) of the High school and The day hospital for adolessant





The races of the maintenance put something on the ground, I do not know





Ben. It is beautiful that, in the moin worker we make roads, lines young person





This poster represente that there is a new air(sight) for the network. The R.A.T.P modernizes and of the RER(REGIONAL EXPRESS NETWORK)





In under the aeration there are objects on the ground for the door of the danger




The command(order) to the Maintenance, IIs is need of the lévateur to lift(raise) machines heavy to put down(deposited) in the parking lot.




The helix of extractors have no same caractèriste by the other shape



The maintenance with removal two carries(wears) to fixed, in everything nobody has the right(law) to enter except the engineers


The poster which announces, the new extractor is going to be installed(settled) Between Tullerie and Concorde, not I am deceived


The Door of the extractor of repair

Former(Ancient) cousin of Railing(Bar)


The aeration of the R.A.T.P to change, the maintenance built new roast prope, brilliant, the extractor is moin power for this time, Acousstir is Colérente and the power so that traveler have no problem of oreile.

The Railing(Bar) is prope, but I delande me that there is one the intérrieur



 The aeration is deep, same(even) railings(bars) have one deep longeur



Extractor is going to be to change is néoms, The Maintenance put a wooden plate(patch) to work tramquillement



The new railings(bars) of protection, The maintenance is going to remove the former(ancient) railings(bars) replace new which is in connection with the extractor, This livration is in connection with Sociète

The work of the ventilation(breakdown) in was create on the line 6 in the Station(Resort) HP. De Gaulle Etoile enters Kléber, this new railing(bar) is new.



The R.A.T.P install(settle) plien of Cameras for insurant the grave problems who can perburbé the whole subway, As: the pushers, the agraissivité, the threats, against door pleinte you, surpect Parcel, can contain objects imflammable or some chemical thing(trick) extrément dangerous, Forbidden to cross(spend) with a person stranger who tells friends colègue, can provoke a blessing to the amount of the full price, Always inquire in the gicher.

The Maintenance assures(insures) the finance of the Station(Resort) proproté, the maintenance go works when the subway déservie not the Station(Resort) which tells.

Némons has was to change by the former(ancient)


The drivers of the R.A.T.P can see races at the end of the quay(platform), they make appele in agent of the R.A.T.P, if there is a patient in end of the quay(platform) and what the agent do not know that he makes who makes, or of alleuir sometimes the agents of the R.A.T.P are one can IDIOT.


Attention it is necessary to respect Adblock the regulation(payment), Quant the sound signal makes apelle in carries(wears) do not rise any more, even if you have a meeting(appointment), it is necessary that the driver does not wait, his(her,its) can make him(it) waste time(waste time) for a pinsage in the door, his(her,its) disrupt(perturb) all the Lines of the subway.



Especially be held, the obstacles which gene, so that not to puisser not to fall


Throw(Cast) the objects which(who) is not useful, you have in front of you a garbage can of allieur it is filled(performed) well, to respect the domain of the R.A.T.P she(it) pass it is day to nétoyer the morning vintage or in the evening, it is not nice, quite his(her,its) for the honor.


The intercom, the R.A.T.P announces évenements can depends the concerns(marigolds) either to agraisseur, pusher, violence against woman age, or full thing(matter), his(her,its) can pertuber all the lines

By car of incendit, Fire brigades or the R.A.T.P uses object in metal which ejects of the foam(moss).


One to see the palm(flipper) of Helixes, it is earlier costôt, it is for his(her,its) that his(her,its) vibration cacastrophique




The Railing(Bar) is new, the railing(bar) is to grow to the center




The aeration is deep, a new aeration



Both diole who(which) clignantent of diversion, The extractor is at top speed, Due to turning(shooting) the straight(right) key Left(Awkward) face



The Races of the Maintenance cracked Helixes, so that he(she,it) go into the car



The aeration of the parking lot Sévres Babylone: it is to hide in trees preci



The Races of the Maintenance were not even able to change Railings(Bars), her(it) are salty(steep) even, him(it) to ask are able to get organized it Questions, even in the other parking lot, The Races of the maintenance are not bad appropriate(clean) with that had, and that had they are more prope than had.



Extractor still is not to rise, but his(her,its) has just commmancer, there is a Helix in the right.



Former(Ancient) railing(bar) was to change by news(short stories) burns out(blows out,roasts), A New Extractor is going to be instalé, This Extractor goes walking(march), silently, not Big Speed, young Speed, even the maintenance to place a neon at the top of the door to the left.



The Engine Blue is trés heavy, to lift(raise) the engine, it is necessary to have a léviateur, which souléver of the objects kicks out



The aeration of the extractor and to protect by a railing(bar) which re-seems one a butcher of aeration



The tube of the extractor is trés remple of poussiére salt



This photo, light re-seems one to square



A big electric cord is in double(copy) neu



The Railing(Bar) is made with pillows and some metal



The railing(bar) is better

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